Take Action: Charlotte can’t back down on LGBT protections



HB2 supporters are asking Charlotte to cave on LGBT protections — AGAIN. MeckPAC needs your support in protecting these rights and needs you to take action now.

HB2 has created economic losses that number in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Anti-LGBT state leaders are feeling the heat, and, now, some former HB2 supporters are asking Charlotte City Council for another “compromise” — the same measure Charlotte City Council rejected in May. This so-called compromise would strip away Charlotte’s historic ordinance and maintain anti-LGBT discrimination.

We cannot surrender to anti-LGBT bigotry. Charlotte must not capitulate on its progressive values.

MeckPAC is unwavering in its support of our allies on Charlotte City Council and Mayor Jennifer Roberts, and now we need you to contact them with your support. Thank them for passing the ordinance in February, supporting us again in May, and ask them now to stand up again one more time for LGBT equality. Find our allies’ contact information below and call or email them today.

Stay tuned for further updates!

Your MeckPAC Steering Committee

Mayor Jennifer Roberts: 704-336-3131, mayor@charlottenc.gov

Mayor Pro Tem Vi Lyles: 704-336-3431, vlyles@charlottenc.gov

Council member at-large Julie Eiselt: 704-336-4099, julie.eiselt@charlottenc.gov

Council member at-large James Mitchell: 704-336-3430, james.mitchell@charlottenc.gov

Council member Patsy Kinsey: 704-336-3432, pkinsey@charlottenc.gov

Council member Al Austin: 704-336-3185, aaustin@charlottenc.gov

Council member LaWana Mayfield: 704-336-3435, lmayfield@charlottenc.gov

Council member John Autry: 704-336-2777, jautry@charlottenc.gov