Issues & Priorities


The Mecklenburg LGBT Political Action Committee since 1998 has a history of supporting LGBT and allied candidates running in Mecklenburg County. Ensuring that the LGBT community has elected officials who will advocate and support our community is paramount to its advancement.

This is why candidate evaluations, endorsements, and the continued advocacy on off-election years will remain as pillars of MeckPAC and its mission. Historically, this process meant Charlotte City Council and the Mecklenburg County Board of Commissioners. MeckPAC has its sights set on growth and bringing our LGBT community together, as one, which is why we will also focus on these vital areas to help promote inclusiveness and a greater since of community:

1. Intentional work in the intersectional spaces of our community to advocate for the most at-risk, bringing to the forefront the drastic differences experienced by people of color, trans people, and our youth versus those who have the most privilege. Our intersectional work will include areas like HIV/AIDS awareness, Welcoming Schools in CMS, and the struggles of the immigrant community.

2. Ensuring that Charlotte and Mecklenburg County maintain pro-Equality majorities on city council and county commission, as well as electing more pro-Equality candidates in Mecklenburg County towns.

3. Expansion into local state House and Senate races to ensure our local legislators are always in touch with their local constituents, in keeping with our success in making all politics local.