2016 General Election Voter Guide

Learn about early voting locations:
You can vote early in Mecklenburg County starting today, October 20th. Click here to find more information on the early voting location nearest you.

Learn about your voter registration:
Click here to visit the State Board of Elections website to verify your voter information and learn more about your precinct, polling location and national, state and local legislative districts.

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Vote in the General Election:  November 8, 2016


  • √ ENDORSE = MeckPAC strongly encourages you to vote for this candidate.
  • Receptive = Candidate expresses some level of support for LGBT equality or the candidate has supported MeckPAC in the past.
  • WARNING = MeckPAC strongly discourages support for this candidate.
  • No Response = Candidate(s) did not respond to MeckPAC’s questionnaire.
  • No Contact Info – No email contact information for the candidate was found on the Board of Elections site.

Click here to download a printable PDF of our endorsement guide

Mecklenburg County Commission At-Large – Choose 3

District Democrat Republican Unaffiliated
At-Large √ Pat Cotham – ENDORSE

√ Trevor Fuller – ENDORSE

√ Ella Scarborough – ENDORSE

Jeremy Brasch – No response No candidate

Mecklenburg County Commission District Races

District Democrat Republican Unaffiliated
1 No candidate Jim Puckett – WARNING No candidate
2 √ Vilma Leake – ENDORSE No candidate No candidate
3 √ George Dunlap – ENDORSE No candidate No candidate
4 Dumont Clarke – No response, Receptive No candidate No candidate
5 √ Marc Friedland – ENDORSE Matthew Riddenhour – no response No candidate
6 No candidate Bill James – WARNING No candidate

North Carolina State House Races

District Democrat Republican Unaffiliated
88 Mary Belk – No response, Receptive Rob Bryan – No response No candidate
92 √ Chaz Beasley – ENDORSE Beth Danae Caulfield – No response No candidate
98 No candidate John R Bradford III – No response √ Jane Campbell – ENDORSE
99 Rodney Moore — No response No candidate No candidate
100 √ John Autry – ENDORSE No candidate No candidate
101 Beverly Miller Earle— No response Justin Dunn – No response No candidate
102 Becky Carney— No response No candidate No candidate
103 Rochelle Rivas – No response, Receptive Bill Brawley – No response No candidate
104 √ Peter Noris – ENDORSE Andy Dulin – No response No candidate
105 √ Connie Green-Johnson – ENDORSE Scott Stone –  No response No candidate
106 √ Carla Cunningham – ENDORSE No candidate No candidate
107 Kelly Alexander – Receptive No candidate No candidate

North Carolina State Senate Races

District Democrat Republican Unaffiliated
37 √ Jeff Jackson – ENDORSE Bob Bamond – No response No candidate
38 Joel Ford – No response Richard Rivette – No response No candidate
39 √ Lloyd Scher – ENDORSE Dan Bishop – WARNING No candidate
40 √ Joyce Waddell – ENDORSE Marguerite Cooke – No response No candidate
41 Jonathon Hudson – No response Jeff Tarte  – No response Chris Cole (Libertarian) – No response

The Mecklenburg LGBT Political Action Committee (MeckPAC) is a non-partisan/nonprofit organization.  Candidates are evaluated on their responses to questionnaires, in-person interviews, and other criteria including past performance when applicable.  MeckPAC’s ratings do not take into account where the candidate may stand on issues other than those directly related to LGBT equality.  A blank copy of the questionnaire used to evaluate these candidates is posted at www.meckpac.org.

* MeckPAC is registered with the North Carolina State Board of Elections.