MeckPAC Releases 2016 BOCC Endorsements

For Immediate Release
September 16, 2016

2016 Election Voter Guide and Endorsements Announced

MeckPAC – the Mecklenburg County Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Political Action Committee – is pleased to announce its endorsements and voter guide for the November 8, 2016 general election.

This year, MeckPAC sent out 15 questionnaires to candidates for Mecklenburg Board of County Commissioners. Based on these questionnaires, candidate interviews, and past votes and stances the MeckPAC Board arrived at these endorsements. Keep in touch for our inaugural NCGA endorsements over the coming weeks!

√ ENDORSE = MeckPAC strongly encourages you to vote for this candidate.
WARNING = MeckPAC strongly discourages support for this candidate.
No Response = Candidate did not respond to MeckPAC’s questionnaire.

Mecklenburg County Commission At-Large – Choose 3
District Democrat Republican
At-Large √ Pat Cotham – ENDORSE
√ Trevor Fuller – ENDORSE
√ Ella Scarborough – ENDORSE
Jeremy Brasch-No endorsement/response
Mecklenburg County Commission District Races**
District Democrat Republican
1 No candidate Jim Puckett (previous WARNING)
2 √ Vilma Leake – ENDORSE No candidate
3 √ George Dunalp – ENDORSE No candidate
4 Dumont Clark(no response/no endorsement) No candidate
5 √ Marc Friedland – ENDORSE Matthew Riddenhour (no response)
6 No candidate Bill James-WARNING

Learn about early voting locations:
You can vote early in Mecklenburg County, beginning on October 20, 2016.  Same day voter registration has been restored, so if you are not able to register by the October 10, 2016 deadline you can do same day voter registration and vote during EARLY VOTING ONLY.  Click here to see information on early voting locations.

Learn about your voter registration:
Click here to visit the State Board of Elections website to verify your voter information and learn more about your precinct, polling location and national, state and local legislative districts.

The Mecklenburg County LGBT Political Action Committee (MeckPAC) is a non-partisan/nonprofit organization.  Candidates are evaluated on their responses to questionnaires, in-person interviews, and other criteria including past performance when applicable.  MeckPAC’s ratings do not take into account where the candidate may stand on issues other than those directly related to LGBT equality

MeckPAC is registered with the Mecklenburg County Board of Elections and, thus, involves itself in political advocacy with local government in Charlotte and Mecklenburg County.

**  For information on finding which County Commission district you live in, go to .

[1] MeckPAC is registered with the Mecklenburg County Board of Elections and has recently begin the process of becoming at State Committee, at the State Board of Elections, with the ability to endorse for state level races within Mecklenburg County.