MeckPAC congratulates 2018 primary candidates

MeckPAC congratulates all of our endorsed candidates in Tuesday’s primary elections for their hard-fought campaigns. Thank you to all of our candidates for your hard work and your commitment.

Our endorsed candidates in this year’s primaries included leaders dedicated to a solutions-oriented, pro-equality agenda for our community. As we move into the fall election and onward, we will continue to hold candidates and leaders accountable to the needs of our diverse community.

MeckPAC congratulates winner Mujtaba Mohammed, who defeated anti-LGBTQ incumbent Joel Ford in their Senate District 38 primary. MeckPAC had endorsed Mohammed and issued a warning against Ford, due to his past anti-LGBTQ stances.

MeckPAC also congratulates endorsee and Mecklenburg Sheriff victor Garry McFadden, whose election will mean an end to controversial policies harmful to the most marginalized members of our community.

In other races, MeckPAC sends a congrats to endorsees Spencer Merriweather (District Attorney), Mark Jerrell (County Commission District 4) and George Dunlap (County Commission District 3). We also look forward to working with endorsee Trevor Fuller (County Commission At Large) and the other returning incumbents Ella Scarborough and Pat Cotham.

In state legislative races, MeckPAC congratulates several endorsees on their primary victories, including: Christy Clark (House 98), Carolyn Logan (House 101), Becky Carney (House 102), Wesley Harris (House 105). We’re still awaiting final results in the Senate 39 Democratic primary, where MeckPAC endorsee Chad Stachowicz is in a tight race with Ann Harlan.

MeckPAC also wants to thank Beth Monaghan for her extraordinary effort to unseat anti-LGBTQ, HB2 author Dan Bishop. Beth’s campaign was an uphill climb against an entrenched and hostile voice. Victory hasn’t come yet, but we thank Beth for ensuring Bishop’s record received the attention and scrutiny it deserves.

Finally, MeckPAC extends a special note of gratitude to At Large County Commission candidates Ray McKinnon and Jamie Hildreth, a former MeckPAC chair, for their incredibly courageous campaign for progressive, LGBTQ-inclusive solutions on a wide range of economic and social justice issues. We stand proud and ready to assist in your next endeavors!