MeckPAC congratulates Matt Newton on Charlotte City Council District 5 runoff

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — MeckPAC, the Mecklenburg LGBTQ Political Action Committee, congratulates Charlotte City Council candidate Matt Newton for his District 5 primary runoff victory on Oct. 10, 2017.

In September, Newton received MeckPAC’s primary endorsement in the District 5 race. In the first primary, Newton received 28 percent of the vote, with his chief rival receiving 34 percent. During the second primary on Oct. 10, Newton sailed to victory with nearly 60 percent of the vote.

“MeckPAC works hard to identify candidates who will work to ensure the continued equality of the LGBTQ community; Matt Newton is one of those candidates,” said Jamie Hildreth, chair of the MeckPAC board. “We congratulate Matt on his runoff victory and look forward to seeing him take his Charlotte City Council District 5 seat later this year.”

MeckPAC backed Newton for his outspoken support of full LGBTQ-inclusive non-discrimination protections in Charlotte, as well as his forward-thinking positions on continued inclusion for our community.

Late on Tuesday, MeckPAC had also learned that Newton’s primary challenger Darrell Bonapart had received the endorsement of the NC Values Coalition, the leading anti-LGBTQ advocacy organization in the state. Though this endorsement was largely based on Bonapart’s work on homelessness and human trafficking, MeckPAC issued concerns regarding Bonapart’s willingness to accept support from any group espousing hostile positions against the LGBTQ community.

“The revelations late on Tuesday afternoon confirmed for us why Matt Newton was the LGBTQ community’s best choice for East Charlotte,” said Hildreth. “We are excited to work toward fuller equity for our LGBTQ community with Matt and the rest of Charlotte City Council next year and the in years to come.”

MeckPAC will soon be releasing its general election voter guide for elections in Charlotte and other cities and towns in Mecklenburg County. For more information, visit


Media Contact: Matt Comer,