MeckPAC statement on Charlotte mayoral and city council primaries

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — MeckPAC, the Mecklenburg LGBTQ Political Action Committee, is pleased by the result of Charlotte’s mayoral and city council primary elections on Sept. 12, 2017. By an overwhelming majority, voters cast their ballots for LGBTQ-friendly candidates, who will provide a more progressive, intersectional and pro-equality leadership for our city.

MeckPAC is heartened that the majority of Democratic primary voters in both the mayoral and city council primaries chose to reject the hostile, anti-LGBTQ positions of mayoral candidate Joel Ford and city council incumbent Claire Fallon, who will not return to her council seat.

We also congratulate Charlotte Mayor Pro Tem Vi Lyles, the winner of the Democratic mayoral primary for her hard-fought race for the Democratic nomination for mayor. Incumbent Mayor Jennifer Roberts has been a staunch ally of the LGBTQ community. We look forward to working with Democratic nominee Lyles on a variety of intersectional issues facing our community.

MeckPAC commends at-large endorsee Braxton Winston, whose experience during the Charlotte Uprising provides much-needed perspective. Winston will give voice to those who suffer from economic immobility, a lack of access to affordable housing and unjust treatment by a criminal justice system that all-too-often targets people of color and sexual and gender minorities. We also congratulate endorsees Julie Eiselt and James Mitchell for their victories.

MeckPAC especially thanks at-large, openly gay newcomer Ryan McGill for his leadership during his first campaign for elected office. McGill’s candidacy demonstrated a unique integrity, dedication to service and character we hope will be an inspiration to future candidates to come. We offer him our utmost support for his future endeavors.

In District 1, MeckPAC is indebted to the longtime service of incumbent Patsy Kinsey. We are encouraged by Larken Egleston’s support for our community and look forward to working with him. MeckPAC also congratulates District 2 endorsee Justin Harlow.

MeckPAC thanks endorsed candidate Wil Russell and all other challengers in District 4 for their hard-fought races. We encourage incumbent Greg Phipps to take note of his challengers’ positions on LGBTQ issues and adopt more pro-equality positions which align with the needs of his constituents.

MeckPAC looks forward to supporting Matt Newton, our endorsed candidate for District 5, in his expected run-off election with Darrell Bonapart.

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Mecklenburg Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Political Action Committee (MeckPAC) is a non-partisan, non-profit organization registered with the North Carolina State Board of Elections. Our mission is to mobilize the LGBTQ community and its many allies in Charlotte/Mecklenburg to vote and participate in city/county elections, to educate city/county elected officials about issues of importance to the LGBTQ community, and to hold city/county elected officials accountable for their votes on such issues.

Jamie Hildreth,
Matt Comer,