Vi Lyles and Charlotte City Council landslide victories a clear repudiation of negative, anti-LGBTQ attacks

MeckPAC congratulates Vi Lyles on her landslide election, congratulates entire slate of MeckPAC-endorsed candidates on their election victories

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — MeckPAC, the Mecklenburg LGBTQ Political Action Committee, is pleased by the result of Charlotte’s and other local elections on Nov. 7, 2017. Voters overwhelmingly cast their ballots for LGBTQ-friendly candidates across the city and rejected the hostile attacks and negative fear-mongering by some Charlotte candidates who had been endorsed by the state’s most extreme anti-LGBTQ organization.

This year’s mayoral and city council elections in Charlotte acted as a figurative referendum on the city’s recent efforts to expand LGBTQ-inclusive protections and its battle with a hostile, anti-LGBTQ legislature which enacted HB2 and other discriminatory measures. This year’s election also highlighted issues surrounding economic opportunity, affordable housing and police and criminal justice reform, all issues in which LGBTQ people, low-income residents and communities of color are disproportionately affected. MeckPAC is heartened that the majority of voters, by an overwhelming margin, opted to send Mayor Pro Tem Vi Lyles to the mayor’s office and also elect a full slate of progressive candidates who will place intersectional issues of social justice at the forefront of critical conversations on housing, jobs and crime.

Vi Lyles’ landslide election is a clear repudiation of the hostile, extremist anti-LGBTQ attacks from Republican Kenny Smith, the NC Values Coalition and other candidates, including John Powell and Parker Cains, both of whom accepted NC Values’ extremist endorsement and also lost their at-large races on Tuesday.

MeckPAC looks forward to working with our new mayor, Vi Lyles, and the rest of the full MeckPAC endorsed slate to be elected to city council, including at-large candidates Dimple Ajmera, Julie Eiselt, James Mitchell and Braxton Winston, as well as district candidates Larken Egleston, Justin Harlow, LaWana Mayfield and Matt Newton.

Specifically, MeckPAC commends at-large endorsee and newcomer Braxton Winston, whose experience during the Charlotte Uprising will provide much-needed perspective in his new role on city council. Winston will give voice to those who suffer from economic immobility, a lack of access to affordable housing and unjust treatment by a criminal justice system that all-too-often targets people of color and sexual and gender minorities.

MeckPAC congratulates all of our endorsed candidates on their victory tonight.

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